Organizing an event isn't easy. As an event organizer, you want to ensure your registration form is as effective as possible. Attention to detail is essential and there are several fields you should include in your registration event form. Whether you’re creating a new form or revamping an old one, these five fields should be included in your registration event form.

  1. Contact information
  2. Business branding
  3. Email address
  4. Payment field
  5. "Where did you hear about us?" field

Contact information

What's a registration form without your attendees' contact information? As a crucial part of your registration form, you must include the most basic fields in this section: name, address, birthday, and country (if applicable). This information keeps you updated about the demographics of your attendees—something that you can use in the future for survey or marketing purposes.

Business branding

If you're creating a registration event form, don't forget to add your business branding! Aside from letting your registrants recognize your business at the event, you'll also have the chance to introduce your brand to future prospects. Some businesses prefer to create a separate branding style for events (something different from their business branding), and that's okay, too. While consistency always wins at branding, it's also good to create a separate one if it can match the feel of your event!

Email address

You wouldn't believe how some event organizers forget about the email address field on their registration event forms! Including this in your event forms will hit two birds with one stone: You can keep in touch with your attendees for other future events, and you can send them newsletters for your marketing efforts. Email marketing is also a good way to nurture leads, so make sure you won't miss the email address field in your registration event forms!

Payment field

If your event involves payment, it will only make sense to put a payment field in your forms. For convenience, it's better to create forms that can collect online payments—so your registrants wouldn't be confused! With PlatoForms, you can create fillable forms that can collect online payments through Stripe. Another cherry on top is PlatoForms wouldn't collect any additional fees—so it's a budget-friendly way of collecting payments, too!

"Where did you hear about us?" field

This field can be optional—but it's also a good way for you to know where your registrants heard about you. So, why is it a good idea to include this in your registration forms?

Knowing how your registrants knew about your event will allow you to know where you're mostly known—and improve that strategy even more. You can focus on the right platform that captures your audience and improve your marketing strategy for the other events for your brand in the future!


By including these fields in your event registration form, you can better understand the interests of people coming to your event. Their answers to these questions provide valuable insights into your future marketing and promotional efforts—and, of course, improve the efficiency of your online forms.

Have an event coming? Convert your PDF online with PlatoForms and create effective event registration forms! If you're using an old PDF form that needs to be filled out by your registrants, you can easily turn this PDF into a web form for an easy filling-out experience. Sign up today to start!

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